Kids’ Halloween Party

So I decided I’m gonna have a kids’ Halloween Party. As I go through the party details I’ll post here.

First let me share the invites I made. I made skeleton invites from a template I found on Martha Stewart’s website with one small change. The arms are backward in the template and that bothered me to no end so I had to ‘fix’ it first. The arms and legs are connected with white or black brads which allows the skeleton to easily fold and fit into some black envelopes I found at Hobby Lobby. I wrote on the envelopes with a white 3-D Opaque pen from Souffle.


So for the party I had the following to eat: Mummified pretzels, jell-o worms, forked eyeballs, merengue bones, melon brain, mice brains, ghostly sandwiches and spider cupcakes.

There was a bouncer and a candy corn bean bag toss, a toss the ring around the ghost game and a few crafts. From family fun I got the idea of ping pong balls over battery operated tea lights and the kids could decorate those as ‘eyeballs’. I also had some monster and haunted mansion make-a-scene stickers from OTC.

treat bag closed with spider clothespin



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