Sonic the Hedgehog Party

So I’m starting to think about my son’s upcoming party. He’s loved Sonic the Hedgehog since he was little and decided this go ’round he’ll have a Sonic party. So now I’m starting to plan. I saw these really cute invitations online where the invite looks like a DS. There weren’t any available templates so I spent last night fooling around with the Cricut and created my own. I’m still tweaking it but here’s the prototype:

I’m thinking about making a Dr. Eggman pinata – I don’t want the kids bashing on Sonic since he is our star after all. I’m also thinking about what kind of games I can have the children play. So I’ll be posting here as I move along with this fun project.

Made Sonic bingo for the party. Printed out the cards on glossy cardstock. I used protector film to ‘laminate’ the cards used to call the squares. For the chips I used some plastic Sculptey ones I had made last year for Pokemon bingo. If you are interested let me know and I can email you the word doc with the Bingo – you just need to print it and cut it out.

We also had an obstacle course which turned out really cute. For the start of the course I created a couple of palm trees and painted a cardboard sonic.

The kids were to knock off ping pong balls from bottles with a water gun (bad guys were painted on the ping pong balls), then they were to run-jump-run through a ladder, cross a balance beam, climb up and slide down an old Tykes play center, punch down the bad guys which were painted cardboard figures and then run through some hula hoops. My son wanted 8 things for the obstacle course and we called them zones.

We also had an Eggman dart board. And I made a cool Sonic Birthday Banner but didn’t take a picture of the whole thing.

Kids got to take home goody bags with a few little items including a ds candy dispenser and Sonic stickers and tattoos. Each bag was closed by a Sonic picture on heavy cardstock which was glued to a clothespin and had a magnetic strip attached on back.


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