A Pokemon Party

My kids are way into Pokemon so I wasn’t shocked when that’s the type of party my older one wanted.

I sent out Poke ball invitations with a pop up Pikachu inside.

There was a ‘Hit Team Rocket’ game where the kids got to fire nerf suction cup darts at a picture of Team Rocket (I put transparency circles on the targets so they would stick better), we had a bean bag toss with crocheted poke balls as the ‘bean bags’ and there was a Pikachu Pinata of course. We also play Pokemon Bingo.

Pikachu Pinata

Poke Ball Toss

The pokeball crochet pattern came from http://wolfdreamer-oth.blogspot.com/2009/04/pokeball.html. She has some awesome patterns for everything from Mario to Pokemon and gives most of them away for free.

Kids helped color the Poke Ball Toss.

Team Rocket target practice


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