Safari Party

My boys love Cheetahs so when my youngest wanted to have a Safari Party it was only right that the cheetah should take center stage.


I designed the invitation on my SCAL and cut it using my cricut. I closed each one with a animal print sticker.

We were originally going to have a bouncy house but go figure that during one of the dryest Texas summers it rained that day. So I improvised and quickly created a ‘hunt’ where one clue would lead the kids to the next clue and at then end they found the treasure. The treasure consisted of binoculars from OTC that they could decorate themselves, safari hats, plastic safari animals, and animal shaped ornaments – the kind you scrape to reveal color underneath.

It then cleared up outside and was pretty sunny and we were able to do the pinata.

Cheetah Pinata.

Cheetah Pinata


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