Dinosaur Costume

So I’ve been inactive for a while but now that Halloween is around the corner I’m starting to get busy. I’ve got a party to plan and a costume to make.

So my oldest son never seems to want to dress up as anything that is available in the stores so inevitably I have to make his costume. This year he wants to be a dinosaur but a specific dinosaur – an Ankylosaurus. After checking around and verifying that there are no ready costumes I started making my own. Last year I made him a Charmander costume and made a ‘soft’ head using fleece and felt. This year I decided to use my paper mache skills to make the mask – haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for the body yet.

My son will be able to see out of the mouth.

I’ll post more as the project progresses. And there is also a how-to on how to make the eyes.


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