Halloween Game and paper mache devil monster in the making

So my ankylosaurus mask is watching me balefully while I neglect it and work on other projects. I haven’t worked out the body part of the costume and until I do I don’t want to paint the mask. Initially I was hoping to get a tan/beige sweatsuit I could modify and make the back shell and tail from a cardboard box I have here. But it is amazingly impossible to find a youth size tan/beige sweatsuit. So I figured I could find a white one and then dye it but still no luck. And I want to match the color with the mask so until I have that piece figured out (do i sew one?) the mask will have to wait.

In the mean time the cauldron I had started to paper mache has changed purposes and become a little devil monster. For the Halloween party I’m planning, I wanted one of those games where the kids have to reach into something and feel food items that mimic something gross – like mini carrots as fingers, peeled grapes as eyes etc. After looking at many variations of the game I came up with one I thought would be fun and not too hard for the little ones. Basically I’m going to have the kids reach into my devil monsters head (help him by getting the spiders out of his ‘brain’) where there will be slimy spaghetti (and maybe a few other yucky additions) and plastic spiders and they need to find all the spiders they can in an allotted time. That’s where the idea for my monster came up since I didn’t want them to just be reaching into a boring old box. In order to do this and not get the insides of the monster yucked up i bought a Halloween bucket at the dollar store and cup open the monster’s head large enough so I could fit in the bucket. I also gave my monster horns and I’m thinking I can cut slits in a foam sheet and attach it to the horns to cover the opening of the bucket. This way the kids can’t see into the bucket. Anyways I’m having fun making this guy and started adding details like polymer teeth and fingernails.

He’s not done yet but here are some pics so far. You can click on a picture to enlarge it.


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