Latest on Halloween Projects – devil, trophies, shrunken head

Okay so between work and after school activities for the kids I’ve not touched any of my projects for about a week. My demon bucket guy I had left with eyes, teeth and nails but hadn’t painted him. I started painting him last night and will probably finish him tonight but I have a picture of how he looked unfinished.

I had also made 6 trophies for the costume contest portion of the party but now that I killed the idea of a costume contest – kids are young enough that I think they may be sad if they don’t win. And I’m also making costumes optional since I’m going to have pumpkin painting. But here are pics of the trophies – I only painted one since I’m not doing anything with them now.

Also, I’ve been wanting to make a shrunken head but until this morning it’s only been milling around in my mind. Well this morning I finally made him – he came together reallyl fast – so now I just have to let him/her dry before I finish him off -give his face some darker brown color – maybe ‘stitch’ his lips shut, and tie up his hair. I also ran out of ‘hair’ so maybe i’ll pick up some more and fill it out some.


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