Jello Eyeballs

So I made some Jello Eyeballs and wanted to post the picture since I love how they came out.

I looked up a lot of different versions of this and ended up using the Gelatin package directions (1/4th of the recipe) and white grape juice to make the pupils and irises. I poured a bit of the mixed Gelatin in 4 plates then added the appropriate food coloring. Once chilled I cut out the irises and pupils using a cake decorating tip. Wide end for irises and narrower end for pupils. I layered it first iris then pupil in the spherical ice cube tray and let it chill. Then I made the whites of the eyes using condensed milk with Gelatin. I also put a frozen raspberry on the pupil before pouring the white Gelatin. Gave them that extra blood effect when eating or pricking with tooth pick. When I first made these I only had done the blue irises and then didn’t let my white Gelatin cool to room temp before I poured it and the blue bled. They still looked cool and I called them Zombie eyes.

But I wanted to make them ‘right’ so I made them again. They looked cool and I thought they tasted okay but a lot of folks didn’t think they tasted good so I’ll have to experiment for next time. Maybe coconut milk instead of condensed milk?



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