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So this was a fun twist – we had a lot of science experiments – some to watch and some hands on. I actually toyed with the idea of giving each child a paper mache volcano where we’d make lava ooze but more kids were coming than I had initially anticipated. I researched for weeks which experiments to do and finally narrowed it down to a few – not enough time for all of them! There are some really good ones out there with detailed instructions. Steve Spangler and Science Bob were two sites I repeatedly visited for ideas and directions. I tried most of these before the day to make sure they would work.

So I picked up some lab glasses and disposable lab coats and each child got one as they arrived. I also had name tags and printed out ‘Dr. ChildsName’ on each one. I decorated with a periodic table I bought online, an Einstein picture I printed out, some test tubes with candy inside, some chewy lemon head molecules, some jello petri dishes with ‘bacteria’  gummy candy. I also had a table with touch and see stuff that had Mexican jumping beans, liquid crystal paper that changed color when touching it, iron filings in between plastic dishes with magnets, an energy stick that kids could hold hands with someone else or even a potato to complete the circuit and make it light, a DNA model, some gummy worms in water(they grow to like 10 x normal size) and later after showing them the Cartesian diver and tornado in a bottle those were put on the table as well for the kids to check out. This worked out great – especially in the beginning and end when we weren’t doing the experiments.


My older son created an agenda for the experiments


Initially I did some science ‘tricks’ which weren’t on the agenda – Cartesian diver, disappearing rod, disappearing penny and maybe a few more.

On the agenda was the Tornado in a bottle with water then with lamp oil, milk colors (hands on), density rainbow with kids dropping items in the finished rainbow, bubbling bottle (also known as lava lamp and also hands on), Elephant’s toothpaste, make your own slime, diaper polymer, instant snow and dry ice bubbles. There were also a ton I had to shelve for lack of time. We did get through all of the agenda with the exception of the instant snow and the kids were captivated so although I was beat it was quite fun.

The invite had promised slime and the kids really looked forward to that part. I looked at a lot of youtube videos and sites trying to find the perfect formula and ideas. After a few unsuccessful and globby trials before the party I finally found one I was happy with. It was the Science Bob starch one but with clear Elmers instead of the white Elmers (gives it the see through appearance I associate with slime – others looked more like putty to me). I liked this because there was a greater margin of error, and it didn’t take a whole bottle of glue (like some other recipes) so I was able to save some money, it made a good amount and it looked and felt like slime. I also saw a cute idea of putting in googly eyes in the slime so before the party I hot glued dollar store googly eyes back to back so that they looked ‘out’ from both sides. I had also picked up glitter for the slime but decided against it when the time came (horror visions of glitter all over my house kept me from ‘finding’ where I put it).  I also made sure to pre measure the  clear Elmers – made it so much easier at the party and the kids used the disposable plastic containers that the glue was pre measured in to pack up their slime at the end. These plastic containers i found on Amazon and love them – they worked out great for the party and using the extras to send snacks in the kids lunch boxes. Containers i got ( if interested) ->


With so much going on I decided to buy the cake so I just had a plain chocolate cake. To this I wrote Happy Birthday on one side and created a cocoa rice krispie volcano and put it on top of the cake on the other side. Inside the volcano I put in a water bottle with the spout part cut off to make the opening wider. When the time came to sing Happy Birthday I put some dry ice and warm water and the smoke came pouring out. It was pretty cool. I forgot to have icing down the sides to look like lava – that would’ve been cooler but oh well. I also added some dollar store plastic dinos and some palm trees I made with some pretzel sticks and homemade marshmallow fondant.

Volcano Cake

In the picture above the smoke had settled down since we didn’t cut the cake right away.

NicoPicHere is my first stab at the invite. The one I actually sent out is pretty much the same with the exception of some of the wording and font used on the front. To make it I cut out my son’s face and drew the body and hair around it. I then scanned in the picture with my son’s  photo and created the rest in Word.  I printed this out on Avery postcard cardstock. I had some envelopes lying around that these fit nicely into and printed each childs name on front along with some more gifs – like the atom and a beaker. On the back of each invite I had all the details with a couple of more hand drawn beakers with puffy paint bubbles coming out of them. I closed the envelope with a radioactive symbol I printed on Avery circle labels.



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