Halloween 2014 – kids costumes

Finally finished the costumes for the kids. Two weeks ago I realized that the kids Fall Festival was scheduled for 10/17 and I realized that I did not have the time I thought I did to work on my costumes. So I’ve been a little nuts. On top of the costumes I just finished, I’m also working on a Plants vs. Zombies pinata I promised my friends son, a big paper mache spider for Halloween and 2 games for a kids Halloween party that I volunteered to do.

For my younger son I made him a Rabbids costume –  BWAAAHHHH. For my second son I made a velociraptor costume.



Rabbid Costume

IMG_0173 IMG_0185]

Velociraptor Costume


I did finish him and you can see him in the picture of the Rabbid and Velociraptor but I’ll post a close up of his face – will probably take one in the next few days.




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