Halloween Rear Projection

Okay – have you ever seen Hallowindows? Well ever since I saw a video of it on youtube i’ve been wanting to create it at home.

So, taking advice I found online (can’t remember where) I set up my own rear projection. I bought a relatively inexpensive projector, created a screen out of pvc pipes, joins, some velcro, duck tape (of course) and a shower curtain liner, downloaded a few Mark Gervais videos (http://hallowindow.com/) that will play back to back and then loop and now it’s ready to roll for Halloween. I was originally going to create my own video footage but I currently don’t have time and Mark Gervais has such cool ones.


I didn’t record it all since you can easily find this type of thing on youtube but I did record a bit using my iphone to show how it came out.




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