Halloween 2015

Every Halloween my oldest son picks some very specific thing that I can’t find a ready made costume for and so I make it – i.e. not any dinosaur but an Ankylosaurus. And my youngest son picks something out from the store and I buy it for him – i.e. Scooby Doo costume (and I don’t mind since it’s less work for me). Every Halloween until this one. My youngest son wants me to make his costume and wants to be a reaper kitty astronaut – at least that’s what I think he called it. A kitty in an astronaut uniform holding a scythe – don’t ask because I have no idea where this came from. And my oldest tells me a few days before Halloween that he wants to be a manta ray – not to be confused with a sting ray. “Really?!?!?” I ask him – please note that I said a few days (like 3) before Halloween and I’m also making games for a Halloween kids party the AFB is having – jeez.

So anyways for my youngest’s costume I ended up paper macheing (sp?) a cat mask – added whiskers with fishing string and painting the details. I bought a cheap astronaut costume online and attached a tail and front paws. I bought a plastic scythe which I don’t think I show in the pictures. My son loved the costume.

For my other son I used fabric and created the manta ray – it was done quickly but hey he gave me not a lot of time.

For the Halloween part I created a game called “Pick-A-Winner.” I’m kind of proud of this guy – I got a big box and paper mached his face on – eyes, nose, lips and teeth. His nostrils are holes where kids can put their hands in to reach to the back of him where I have some Fimo balls (boogers) in a bowl of homemade slime. During the game slime dripped down from his nose and made him look even better. His hair is black pipe cleaners I threaded from holes I made in the cardboard.

I also had a game I had made the year before where I drew a haunted house on a display board then made 13 windows where I put a ghost in each one. The are attached on a toothpick hinge I made – need to get a better picture of it. Then the kids use a nerf gun to knock down the ghosts. Since they are on attached ‘hinges’ they are easy to set up after each kid.



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