Halloween 2016

So this year my sons had their own ideas for what costumes they wanted. My youngest wanted to be a puppy wizard – again don’t ask – no idea why he chose this. My oldest wanted to be a falcon.

For the falcon, I found a tutorial online for making wings (i’ll include a link here). It’s a great tutorial but I would recommend giving yourself time for this – I made mine in a week and it was very rushed and squeezing it in with work and life it made my nights a bit late. I made the falcon mask from paper mache which I then covered with faux fur that resembled feathers. I found a better looking ‘feather’ material but unfortunately they didn’t have it in the dark brown I needed. It still worked pretty good. I didn’t have time to do more than the arm covers. The wings are nice because you can hold them up or if you leave them hanging you can still use your hands.

For my puppy wizard, my son didn’t want the mask covering his face so I made it so it would sit on top of his head. I made it out of paper mache and then used faux fur to cover it. I also made a simple robe designed and sewed it together. For his staff I paper mached it to look like wood and then put a orb thing i found on Amazon on top that changes colors – or you can make it stay one color. I attached it to the ‘wooden’ staff with some wire. The staff came out super cool and looked even better at night when you can see it glow. I’ll try and post some better pictures of it.




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