Paper Mache MQ9

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So I recently was asked to create a model of an MQ9 for a centerpiece. I had a week but had fun making it. I had hellfire missiles being fired from both sides – I think I need a better … Continue reading

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I’ve been out of commission

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So woe is me I have not been able to do anything new this past Halloween. I broke a bone and ligament in my ankle and have been out of commission. Halloween was yesterday and the most I could do … Continue reading

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Minecraft Party

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So we decided this year no party at home so no projects. We decided to have a Laser tag party but I couldn’t help myself with the projects. I made a Creeper for photo ops and a Minecraft cake. We … Continue reading

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Ninjago Lord Garmadon Pinata

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So I just finished the pinata for my son’s party – not many people are familiar with Lord Garmadon (a Lego bad guy) but he is Sensei Wu’s evil brother who is plotting to create Ninjago in his image – … Continue reading

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Ninjago Lego Party

Okay so last year my boys told me they each wanted to have their next party at Laser Tag. Although somewhat disappointed I was mostly relieved – no pinata making, no game creating, no frantic house cleaning (before and after the party) and no food planning. So a week ago I asked my youngest son (bday coming up) if he still wanted to have his party at Laser Tag or somewhere else like gymnastics, Chuck-Es, etc. and to my horror he said he wants to have a Ninjago party at home – ack. So here I am planning my pinata (he wants Lord Garmadon), making up some games like Ninjago Bingo (my son loves Bingo) and trolling the Internet for other good ideas.

Goody Bags – I came across a take out box svg online but it was kind of crooked and I wasn’t crazy about it so by using weld and odd shapes on my SCAL I made my own. I made a prototype and it’s kind of small but since we’ll have a pinata, and I’m also getting foam sword for all the kids I’m not planning on big goody bags.  I found a recipe for fortune cookies so I plan to include one in each goody box with some Ninjago stickers and some brick candy that resembles Legos-> and perhaps some chopsticks from Party City. I saw the candy on Amazon but couldn’t bring myself to buy them and pay the exorbitant shipping but then I found them in World Market tonight – yippee. I also found a whole tub of Fortune cookies at World Market so I’m now debating if I should just buy them and not make my own. Upside – so much less work. Downside – I was kind of excited to make my own and my ingredients are so much healthier. I also got some Pocky’s – would be cool to position them like chopsticks sticking out of to go box but I’d have to figure out how to wrap them so not exposed.

I made my experimental one in red – cutting them out with my Cricut. I also cut out the dragon and snake symbol with my Cricut. I used eyelets on the side of my take out box and used some copper wire I had lying about for some jewelry making that I made into the handle. They should come together fast since it’s cut on my Cricut. I’ve already cut out the dragons in both black and bronze and the snakes. I’ll probably make the boxes in all of the ninja colors – red, black, blue, white and green. I also printed out some Ninjago ‘eyes’ and may use those to decorate as well.



I also started my Lord Garmadon pinata. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about making him since I usually use balloons as my form and being a Lego bad guy he is all straight lines and corners. I didn’t want to use a cardboard box since they end up being so hard to break open and we’re talking 6 and 7 year olds. I had a piece of foam board that I was using to mount pictures of our Ninjago heroes and had the ‘aha’ moment to use that.

So here he is so far – only his upper torso mind you – I’ll post as I go along. As soon as I have his shape I’ll paper mache him to give him strength. I’m also going to make a separate post for this.



Updated 2/14 – finished Lord Garmadon Pinata


I also made Chinese lanterns for decorations. I made them in black, red, blue and white with the appropriate Ninjago element on each color. I made 16 of each color and plan on tying them up into a garland to hang outside around the patio.



I also made Ninjago bingo but haven’t taken pictures of it yet. If anyone is interested I can send the word files for the cards (14 of them) and the calling cards. I have Sculpey chips I made for Bingos past that I’m going to use for it.


Online I found the origami folding instructions for Ninja stars (shurikens) and made a few. Another post had a ‘decorate your own Shuriken’ that I’ll probably do as well. After I made a few my 2 boys wanted more to decorate. There are a ton of videos and instructions on making these but I found this one as the most useful ->

I also planned on making Ninja masks for all the kids. I found instructions on folding t-shirts into masks but still planned on making my own as I thought it would be more comfortable. So I showed my boys how to fold a t-shirt into a Ninja mask and then I showed them the one I made and guess what – they picked the t-shirt one. I kind of think mine is cooler but what the heck – if that’s what they prefer then it’s easier for me – I’ve already picked up a few t-shirts from the Dollar Store and hopefully they’ll restock and I can pick up more before the party. There are a ton of instructables out there on the t-shirt ninja thing.

I am debating on an obstacle course – my son really wants a bouncy house so between that, the pinata and bingo, and some kind of game involving the decorated shurikens (knock down the bad snake clan?), it might be too much. I’ll probably give them their ‘Ninja’ swords at the end of the party to limit the chaos.

Food wise I think I’ll have fresh fruit (I picked up some sword toothpicks today at Party City) and I plan on making some Cushi (candy sushi). I picked up some green tape candy and some gummy fish and will use that with rice crispy treats to make my Cushi. Ideally, to eat I’d get Chinese food but my kids really don’t like it so I’ll probably opt for pizza which is kid friendly.


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First claymation video

So we got the Klutz Book of Animation and made a few clips. It was very fun and my older son was hooked (me too) so I’m sure there will be more to come.


click here to view


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Graham cracker ‘gingerbread’ houses

With my son’s 3rd grade class we made graham cracker ‘gingerbread’ houses similar to the big one in my pictures bu with only one window in front and a bigger door. We used Royal Icing to ‘glue’ the houses together so they were 100% edible. Everyone did a really great job with only one construction disaster (luckily I had brought extra pieces). There were minor wall damage too but I had showed the kids how to ‘glue’ them back together and the kids did this really well – usually on their own. I had precut all of the pieces and we put them together one day and decorated them the next. They were a big hit. I had made myself a smaller one to use as an example. I included the decorated picture of it below (minus one eaten (not by me) door).



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Finished Ankylosaurus Costume


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Jello Worms

‘nough said!


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Jello Eyeballs

So I made some Jello Eyeballs and wanted to post the picture since I love how they came out.

I looked up a lot of different versions of this and ended up using the Gelatin package directions (1/4th of the recipe) and white grape juice to make the pupils and irises. I poured a bit of the mixed Gelatin in 4 plates then added the appropriate food coloring. Once chilled I cut out the irises and pupils using a cake decorating tip. Wide end for irises and narrower end for pupils. I layered it first iris then pupil in the spherical ice cube tray and let it chill. Then I made the whites of the eyes using condensed milk with Gelatin. I also put a frozen raspberry on the pupil before pouring the white Gelatin. Gave them that extra blood effect when eating or pricking with tooth pick. When I first made these I only had done the blue irises and then didn’t let my white Gelatin cool to room temp before I poured it and the blue bled. They still looked cool and I called them Zombie eyes.

But I wanted to make them ‘right’ so I made them again. They looked cool and I thought they tasted okay but a lot of folks didn’t think they tasted good so I’ll have to experiment for next time. Maybe coconut milk instead of condensed milk?



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